The Jane Goodall Institute

The Jane Goodall Institute originally came to us in need of a new website, fast. Fundraising season was around the corner and there was no time to lose. But you don’t want to trump strategy even when time is of the essence so we began with defining the positioning and Message Platform hand-in-hand with website development. Over our long-term partnership, we have worked together to strengthen the brand and implement it consistently into integrated communications. The result? Exponential fundraising over prior years and a clear and consistent voice for the organization. 

Services: Positioning & Message Platform / Websites / Annual Reports / Project Strategy Reports / Video Development


"In addition to deep knowledge in her field, Mary brought to the table an amazing ability to keep the process moving forward in a constructive and productive manner. Paired with Jennifer’s expertise in communications strategy and long experience with the internal workings of nonprofits, we revealed the brand that finally stuck. The process ensured that everyone felt heard and the end result was deep buy-in."

— Anna Gibson, Vice President of Development and Marketing, the Jane Goodall Institute


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