We are a team of experts who completely believe in brand. A tight core group with an equally qualified back-up team, you’ll find us to be agile, smart, flexible and refreshingly down-to-earth. From strategy to copywriting, from design to interactive development, we have the team to meet your needs. And the people you meet will be the ones who will be doing the work.

A broader perspective on how to authentically reveal and define your brand, along with a grounded approach that comes from years of experience. We know the business of branding inside and out, having seen it from both sides of the table. And we know exactly how to keep things moving when they get hairy. Our internal perspective creates the buy-in and ownership a brand needs to thrive; our external view ensures that brand has the authenticity to stand out in the crowd and serve as a powerful ambassador for your mission.

We think big, work just right and deliver powerful results.


Grizzard Ekzarkhov

Jennifer is crafty, a storyteller, an idea-hatcher, a maven and a geek. She cut her professional teeth working for national and international nonprofit organizations, both large and small. Directing communications and marketing at these organizations in lockstep with fundraising professionals for more than seventeen years,  she learned the importance of authentic branding from the inside. She knows how critical process and approach are to successfully bring a brand to life for stakeholders—especially staff—at every communications touchpoint. Now, she extends that expertise to her clients, ensuring that their brand is a tool that works hard to build awareness and revenue.

Special Skills: Cat-herding. No B.S.



Mary is a brand strategist whose insight, analysis and creativity in brand development helps clients reveal the essence of a brand and bring it to life in everything they do. Her talent as a facilitator helps organizations gain brand understanding and ownership. An enthusiastic champion of her clients, she invests herself in building long-term relationships that deliver tangible value. She founded Kite in 2007, has over 20 years experience, and has written and contributed to articles on brand in publications including Design Management Review, American Way, BrandChannel.com, ABA Bank Marketing, Consulting Magazine, WA CEO, Puget Sound Business Journal, Museum News, and Chronicle of Philanthropy.

Special Skills: Untangling brand hairballs. English accent.