Point B

What does it take for a brand to stay strong, alive and relevant through years of business growth and change? For Point B, a leading management consulting firm, ongoing brand management and execution was the answer. Point B’s commitment to brand care and management has allowed the firm to continually build on the strength of its brand equity with clients and associates alike. Through brand-driven materials and advertising, we have communicated the Point B experience at every touchpoint. Over the years, we have conducted brand audits to benchmark the experiences and perceptions associated with the brand, providing an ongoing opportunity to ensure it's strong, consistent and well-tended.

Services:  Brand Audits / Brand Workshops / Brand Platform Development / Positioning and Message Platform / Employment Brand Development / Brand Management Consulting / Collateral / Advertising

"Kite has provided strategic branding and design advice to Point B for several years. Mary is one of our most valued advisors and her work has played a significant role in our firm's success. I couldn't recommend her firm. Kite, more highly."

—Tim Jenkins, Co-Founder Point B, Inc.


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