Byrd Barr Place

Byrd Barr Place is one of Washington’s oldest community organizations. Founded in the era of the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964, its focus was and continues to be about helping people move from poverty to self-sufficiency, and building the Black community’s political strength and economic wealth within Seattle. We are working with the organization to develop brand-driven communications that are on message and meaningful to audiences. Most recently, we launched their 2018 Annual Report with new original photography and key messages that powerfully capture the impact the organization has recently made. We also developed voting registration campaign materials designed to drive registration and participation by their key audiences.

Services: Annual Report / Collateral / Campaign Branding / Website

Byrd Barr Place 2018 Annual Report

“Kite’s strategic approach always results in on-target and meaningful key messages. The creative implementation takes that and powers the storytelling, ensuring it’s emotionally engaging for our audiences. Last but not least, the project management is seamless and they take every opportunity to add value along the way.”

— Andrea Caupain, CEO, Byrd Barr Place


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