This global nonprofit is a leader in harnessing the power of the private sector to help people lift themselves out of poverty. Now celebrating its 50th anniversary, we have worked with the organization for over seven years—initially to reveal and define the brand, and ongoingly to help operationalize and implement into key communications. The strong, consistent, and well-tended brand has, and continues to be, a powerful tool to help grow strong markets that create income and jobs in poor communities around the world.

Services: Brand Strategy / Positioning & Message Platform / Visual Identity / Annual Reports / Infographics / Collateral



"Brand is a complicated issue but it can also make or break any organization.  This is even more true for nonprofits.  Jennifer and Mary were able to build an understanding of brand across the organization and to lead us through a series of conversations that resulted in a strong, coherent and well-understood messaging platform as well as a new visual identity. This brand worked hard for us on day one and continues to this day.”

— Simon Winter, Formerly Senior Vice President of Development, TechnoServe


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Initial strategy and design conducted in partnership with Brotherton Strategies and Somelab.