Loft9 Acquired by Sia Partners

Congratulations to our client Loft9 that has been acquired by Sia Partners, a USD $230M global management consultancy with headquarters in Paris and NYC. We began working with Loft9 to define its brand when it was but a twinkle in the eye of its founders. Since then the firm has built an authentic and powerful brand—we so are excited to see the firm soar to new heights! 

the Jane Goodall Institute 2017 Annual Report and 2018-2022 Strategic Plan

An Annual Report communicates essential financial information, but it’s also an opportunity for powerful story telling. We recently pushed the boundaries of a typical Report for the Jane Goodall Institute. With criteria to leverage the piece for individual program communication needs, we took an innovative approach that plays off the sections of a well-known newspaper. Check it out here, along with the newly designed 2018-2022 Strategic Plan that presents the roadmap for how the organization will achieve its vision and increase its impact.

Tanager Takes Flight

Evolving a brand successfully takes a thoughtful and purposeful approach. When you uncover the essence of a brand and build it from the core, you can transform it into tangible tools to drive operations, culture, communications, and ultimately stronger relationships. We are excited to share the story of the latest organization to take this journey with us—Tanager, an international nonprofit and affiliate of ACDI/VOCA.

“Working with Kite allowed our small, scrappy, and passionate organization to build a brand that was true to who we are. Their process of revealing a brand is strategic—you are confident in the direction you are headed because you are making deliberate decisions to get to a strong brand. Thanks to Mary and her team, Tanager now has the brand foundation that will help us continue growing and will open the door for us to co-create more life-changing economic opportunities in the future.”

— Hannah Guedenet, Director, Nutrition Programs, Tanager

Check it out here:


Recently launched in London, this innovative collaborative is driving a fundamental shift in how health, development and environmental experts work across sectors to make a greater impact at the speed the world needs now. Revealing and defining the brand—from mission to message platform, from logo to website—was deeply rewarding as we worked through the process with the partners—The Nature Conservancy, PATH, Duke University, and IFPRI. In the words of our client: “I am in love with the website and brand! I appreciate how well they sensed and reflected our personality as a partnership. I have been involved in other website development, only a little brand work, and a lot of communications material development and I can say fairly that I have never felt this empowered by a set of products.” —Heather Tallis, Global Managing Director and Lead Scientist for Strategy Innovation, The Nature Conservancy MORE.


Just out, TechnoServe's 2017 Impact Report. This year is the organizations 50th anniversary and they celebrate with another stellar year of impact, generating $189 million in financial benefits for 461,000 farmers, businesses, and employees. We value our long-term partnership—from revealing the brand to helping to keep it thriving in this latest report. MORE.


It has been our distinct pleasure to partner with the Jane Goodall Institute on the creation of its 2016 Annual Report—The Power of Purpose. “As we face the world’s challenges, it is desperately important that we, as individuals and collectively, make the right choices to benefit all living things.” —Jane Goodall. In 2016, Jane spent nearly 300 days traveling to 27 different countries raising awareness about the problems facing Planet Earth. She, and the work of JGI, are an inspiration to us all. And congratulations to this wonderful client on its 40th anniversary year! Read the report.